33 gallon clean up crew

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Nov 13, 2003
what type of clean up crew should a 33 gallon tank have?

I was looking at brittle stars, turbo snails, and hermits, but how many should i have of each? At the moment i only have 3 turbo snails and 3 hermit crabs in my tank as well as a watchman goby and a maroon clownfish.

(This tank is going to be reef and i have about 40 pounds of live rock if that makes a difference.)

Its all opinion but here it is:
1.2 brittle stars, or one serpent sea star
2. 7-10 turbo's and naccirus snails (total)
3. 5 hermits blue leg and scarlet (total)

that should be about right for a 33 gal.
Margarita snails eat some hair algae but don't count on any animal being able to control it for you.
As for cleanup, I would get 7 more algae eating snails (mix of astrea, margaritas), half a dozen nassarius to keep the sand bed clean and stirred on the surface, 7 more hermits, and one star either a brittle or a serpent. If this combo isn't enough, you can always add more later.
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