Can't get my simple betta tank clean...Help!

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It's tap water, and this is testing the tank after changing and treating it Monday. So yeah, I guess it's okay. I don't really know how to adjust it, other than using the treatment products I've been using which are supposed to regulate the pH.
I understand that you are testing the tank water but did you test the tap water for it's Ph? If you haven't, take a cup of tap water, let it sit for 24 hours then test the Ph. If it is 9.0, that's why your tank is that high. If it is less than 9.0, you have something calcium based in the tank which is raising the Ph. Check for shells, coral pieces, rocks that may be mixed in the gravel which you could test for calcium by pouring a small amount of an acid ( Lemon juice, Vinegar, etc) and if it sizzles, it's calcium based.
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