350 gallon upgrade

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May 28, 2011
Virginia Beach
The day has come and it is finally time to go real big. Tank is an 8 x 3 x 2 acrylic tank from fish tanks direct , custom built 4 ft stand , my old 180 converted to a sump with a 37 gallon for ATO water storage.
Running 4 radion xr30s hung from the ceiling , 2 ecotech vectra m2 return pumps, 2 vortec mp40s , tunze ATO and algae scrubber powered by a smaller dc pump .

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Comes back out of nowhere with one massive upgrade. Looking nice so far man. What brand of ATS is that?

Yea Hank I know how to make an entrance haha. It is a 302 aquatics scrubber. Pretty sure they don't not exist anymore though. It is Led powered as well. Found it for $100 on facebook marketplace.

Wow - that looks brilliant!

Thanks. It is finally full so it is time to fire up the returns.
Yea I hope so. Well first problem only 3 drains are really moving water one barely has anything coming out. I am curious if my returns just do not have the flow capacity to make all the drains needed. I could use some insight if that even makes sense and if in all reality it is a problem..... Maybe I now have an emergency drain ?
I am not really picturing this in my head...is the overflow backing up or not? If there isn't any water backing up anywhere, sounds like an emergency drain to me.
No one overflow wasn't getting enough flow . Seems like my stands shims are starting to compress a bit . Going to pull some trim and send some more shims in it. Got about half the rock work done. Will try to get some more pics later today.
Can't wait. I know my tank leans forward slightly. Doesn't affect how the system drains, but it has caused salt creep around the front of the tank that is annoying...but, won't drain it to fix it! Shows me for only checking for level in one direction lol.
Surprise - Welcome back !!!

Looks complicated! And very salty.

Thanks .... And yea extremely salty :lol:

Well slowly fixing and tweaking somethings. Turns out the pump I purchased for the algae scrubber is a wave dc pump only but it is actually working really well as far. Used almost 250 lbs of rock in the display and put at least 50 lbs in the sump from the old setup . Also did not stack anything on the back so there is a ton of swimming area for some big fish. All the fish have been in for a few hours now and seems to be going well.

I could use some help with micro bubble issues from my drains into the sump as well as the insane about of bubbling noise it is creating. All drains are straight piped into the sump and 2 inches below surface of the water . No filter socks are being used and I know that would probably help with both issues but is there any other fix? I guess the only thing left is a few pics.

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There should be gate valves on the drain so you can adjust it correctly without bubbles and noise.

I ordered 2 of them 1 for each overflow. You think I should just install the valves or just go ahead and switch from durso to herbie ? My drains aren't glued so it is not a huge deal to do either.
Small update. About a week in I lost a return pump but ecotech replaced it for free. Took care of all the drain noise and micro bubbles as well.

Last week I added a trio of chromis, pair of lyretail anthias and a Male blue throat from the qt tank. My spiny box puffer tried to eat the anthias and chromis when first added but seems Mr. Beefy just thought they were food. Have a very large queen angel in qt right now. Actually debating on buying a larger qt since this one is only a 40b and she is rather large. She is a tank though and eats everything including lots of pellets. Will add some pics and try to get some more this weekend.
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So I have been adding some corals here and there . Also hit the 6 month mark for the tank running so I made a short video. Also have another 2 chromis, small yellow mimic tang and a french angel in qt . Slowly pulling them out of hypo and they will be ready to be moved. https://youtu.be/C1Np6wSc1Hg
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