404 Fluval/Loss of Pressure ?

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Aug 12, 2006
Good day all

I recently purchased a new 404 Fluval Can Filter.I'm wandering if any one has experianced a loss of pressure with them.When I 1st set it up it had lots of pressure creating lots of tiny air bubbles.Now after 2 weeks it only creates a ripple across the top of the tank.This is my 3rd fluval in 15 years.My last one did the same thing where as my very 1st one never lost pressure.The 1st one I had was the dark brown canister.
Now, I'm not new to aqairiums.I've had a quariums for 25+/- .My pressent tank is a 77 gal Hagen.I now all about maintanace.I change 20%of the water every 2-3 weeks. Change the media regularly too.The way I set up my media chambers are like this.Bottom 1st is charcoal,2nd chamber-charcoal with ploywool on top,3rd & 4th chamber is Bio Stones.
My fish species are 2 Clown Loaches.1 Bala Shark,1 Bossmani Rainbow and 1 Pleco.My fish are about 9 years old.My largest Loach is about 6" and my Shark is 8".I feed them mainly Freeze Dried Tubifix and supplement with Frozen Blood Worms and Brine shrimp.

Anyway,if some knows anything about the loss of pressure I'd like to here it.


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i don't have an answer to your question, but your fish are stunning.
It has to be some sort of restriction. You probably already checked the filter for restriction, but did you check to see if anything was restricting the impeller? I'm not to sure about the internals of your Fluval, but I have had gunk built up in my impeller before and it slowed the Magnum 350 I have down.

Man that is one heck of an Aussie. What do you feed him?

Nice set-up!!!
Thanks FishyPeanut

Hi odessadude

I've checked for restrictions already including the impeller.and found nothing.The only thing I haven't checked are the hoses,but their only 2 weeks old and shouldn't be that dirrty yet.I keep a pretty clean tank period.
In fact I just took everthing a part to check.This cannister is only 2 weeks old,I can't figure these things out as to why it does this.My very 1st cannister was the best I ever had.I wish I still had it.
As for feeding my fish,their main diet is freeze dried tubifix and I supplement with frozen blood worms and brine shrimp thats it.
I've ran a 403 fluval on my 110 gal Chiclid tank for about 8 years and 2.5 weeks ago I added a fluval 404. I looked into the new fluval series that just came out last month and one of the improvements that was mentioned was that the sponge media now doesnt clog nearly as fast. Aparently there was an issue with the 404 series sponge clogging way to quickly. Maybe try a new sponge and see if the flow returns. My 404 is 2.5 weeks old and pumps like a jet engine.
i've had my fluval 304 slow down due to buildup of gunk in the hoses. but as you mentioned before, that was after a significant period of time (4-5 months).
i'd suggest removing the charcoal and checking if you get the old flow rates back. otherwise you can use a process of elimination to identify the cause of trouble. start off with no media, and slowly add them one by one. It might be tedious, but at least you'll have an idea about the culprit.
and i forgot to mention, but awesome loaches. i'm literally drooling.
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