55g Reef Lighting

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Sep 5, 2004
Canton NY
Well I think I am Going to go with 440 watts of VHO lighting for now because it will fit into my canopy and the cost of only $232.00.With the reflector,4bulbs,2 ballast ,endcaps,end cap mounts, wire,powercords I cant pass it up. The reflector has room for 2 mh which I will get later.But now I cant deside on bulbs. I was going to use 2 10000k URI aquasuns and URI 2 Super Actinic R but I read that the aquasuns look pink and I dont want that.So I am thinking 2 URI white Actinic which are 12000k and 2 URI Super Actinic R but I think that will be to blue. Are the coralife 10000k really blue would they be a better choice With the Super Actinic R ? Does any one have any pics of these lighting combos or know of any links where I could check them out.This is the last thing I have to order before I can set up my reef .I cant wait to get started. And thanks for all the help that people have givin me.

Thanks Bob
If you dont mind me asking but where did u find that deal at.I have a 55gal reef that im looking for mh/vho setups.Thanks
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