55g what equipment to use ?

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Mar 5, 2014
This is what I have think it would be okay for reef tank ?? Maybe upgrade the skimmer ?? What is every one thoughts. This is my first SW tank and also first post on fourm nice to be here very helpful for someone starting out . Love it .

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I had that skimmer and it is garbage. Totally useless. Look into the reef octopus hangon skimmers or maybe a cpr, much better performance and not that expensive.

I see you got a canister filter, it will work really well just be aware that you will have to clean it thouroughly every week or two or nitrates will build up inside.

Welcome to the forum by the way!
same here had that same piece of crap skimmer.. don't even waste your money on it take it back while you still can. I have a reef octopus and I love it, they are worth every penny. I tried running a canister and had no luck with it I couldn't keep my nitrates down at all. if you can I would try and go with a sump. im not saying a canister wont work but they are a lot of work, you have to change your floss pads once a week and your carbon pads once every two weeks.
The canister is recommended for a 40gal tho still safe to use? . I was thinking about doing 50 lbs live rock with a skimmer and HOB . I hope my lfs has a better skimmer im pretty far up in the north and good products are hard to come by .

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you can always order a skimmer online.., you cant rush a sw tank. I wouldn't use a canister that's only rated for 40 gal on a 55 gallon tank.. you always want to go bigger not smaller
and one other thing.. you always want to use atleast one pound of rock per gallon of water so a min of 55 pounds of rock
Yup going to do 55lbs of LR . Ro water. Yeah placing the order now for a new skimmer !!

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I would honestly replace that canister with an aqua clear 110, easier to clean, far less likely to trap detritus and turn into nitrate traps, cheaper, and tons of mods for them (inTank media baskets are awesome). And +1 to what Carey said on reef octopus skimmers

Edit : you'll want to upgrade the lighting if you want reef most likely aswell
Thanks big red !!

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Oh and the hydrometer you have hiding, RETURN IT. Go online and buy a $25 refractometer. Swing arm hydrometers are notoriously unreliable.
Ohh u seeen that ?? Ahah yes I will trash that . Thanks

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Agree... If you plan on having a sucessful tank get a refractometer. And also if you plan on doing a reef your going to want to upgrade your lights but you won't have to worry about that for another year
hey guys I went to my lfs tried to upgrade my skimmer they had nothing bigger so I tradded my canister filter for one what can do 70gals. will that be okay ?

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Yes that's good for the filter but your still going to have to upgrade that skimmer. Search around online you can prob find some good deals
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