80g BW, dragon goby

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Great white snark
Apr 4, 2009
Longmont, Colorado
So here's a few shots of our large dragon goby Ryuu playing with his marimo ball in our 80g BW tank. One of his favorite things to do is dig out against the front glass so his marimo ball falls in then he plays with it. (pictures taken before I did the tank cleaning)


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He looks good. I miss my "dragon's lair" but I don't miss mixing salt in with water changes. :D

How big is he?
He's about 6 inches and still growing. Eats like a pig! Our other one hasn't grown for crap though. Kinda worried. Eats like a pig too, just no growth.

I got the salt thing down now. I found early on I didn't have to add it all the time because of that "tidal flow" thing. I think we talked about that before. I now do it once a month unless I do a major WC.
Like i said, the oddball weird looking ones are always the coolest and always have a personality.
My loaches creeped me out at first too, but they have grown on me and I love them! They are SO funny! :)


Yeah, these guys creeped me out too but something about them made me fall for 'em. *lol* The big one, that's the one pictured, has so much personality. The little one rarely comes out.
Nice pics. Can't wait to see the full shot!!!

P.s. If tour dragons suddenly vanish it wasn't me who fishnapped tem!!
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