A California Stingray and a Wrasse new to my tank! :)

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Jul 14, 2009
Port Saint Lucie
Well I have aquired a couple new fish! (well really one new fish and a Stingray)

I now have a beautiful 4 inch California Stingray and some sort of Wrasse. The Stingray has plenty of swimming room in my 6 ft. long 100 gallon for his size and when he decides to get big I am gonna switch up in size (in fact I check Craiglist daily for a larger tank just for when the time comes to have on hand)

I haven't named him yet nor the Wrasse. In fact I don't even know what kind of Wrasse it is. I'll have to ask at the LFS I purchased it from (heh some LFS eh? Letting me walk out of the store without informing me the type of fish I purchased) He's a beautiful gorgeous blue, purple and yellow Wrasse. I'll put a pic up so you guys can see when I have the time to take pics.

But the stingray.... he's so awesome and personable! The only problem is he's very skittish and not so people friendly at the moment. I did just get him yesterday... maybe in due time he'll be more friendly and let me hand feed him and pet him eventually like my old stingray did?

Also what can I feed him? Something from the supermarket seafood section? Or can I feed him something live to get him up to eating? Because he's not eating yet though I've only had him for a day.


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