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Tim T

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Sep 22, 2023
Guys be gentle iam old :lol:
I retired last year from the motor trade after 50 years man and boy.
My interests are many
I have been shooting for far to many years now .
I am Keen carp angler . Oh yes i keep koi carp for about 20 years
I am self teaching guitarist not very good though .
due to Ill health ( COPD ) I have returned to be a aquarist after many years lay off as i cant go out Fishing As the weather has a lot to say about what i do
I will be reading questions and answers very carefully
I have a 60 litre hex tank in the living room which is just over two weeks old.
A 125 litre and a 12 litre isolation and a couple of back up tanks which are
cycling .
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