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Jan 29, 2005
Miami, FL
I have one small black/white perc clown. I want to add another to the tank. The existing clown has been in the tank for 4 months. Can I add another perc clown (orange/white)? Does it need to be smaller? I dont want them to nip at each other. Any suggestions.
Thank you
What size is the original? "Small" is a little veige.

Generally speaking you want to be sure the new additions is about ½ the size of the original if possible. This will reduce any chance of the incumbant protraying the new arrival as a hostile and increase the chances of pair bonding. If the original is still only about 1" or so, it's possible it is still male or nueter.

As long as the new clown is either A. percula or A. ocellaris, the color is not important.


Thank you for the reply. The clown is about 1 inch. I have attached a picture. Please advise if I indeed need to get another that is half the size.



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I doubt you'll find one that is less than an inch but if you can, it would be good. Even if there's a slight difference in size where the new one is smaller you should be fine. A 1" clown will still most likely sexually immature (nueter) so you're not likely to have an issue until they begin working out "who's boss".

lol need small clowns? well we have just the clowns.. ours range from full grown maroon clowns to just over half an inch long perc. clowns :p hahaha..

someone traded in a spawn of perc clowns at work the other day :p so we have PLENTY of babies to go around
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