Adding RED color fish to my system.

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Oct 9, 2005
I want to add some RED color fish to my system what are the good choices that you would recommend? My tank is a 132g 6 footer with a yellow tang, 10 chromis, 1 o. clown, 1 bicolor blenny, 1 twinspot goby and a cleaner wrasse.

-I don’t want fish that is not compatible or will create problem with my current stockings.
-I don’t want coral nibblers because it could be a reef tank later on. Currently FOWLR.
-I don’t want predatory fish which could kill inverts.
-I don’t want fish that need to be fed very often.
-I want fish that is easy to keep.
-I don’t want aggressive fish.

Could anyone help me with the choices?

Thanks roka, I thought of anthias for red color but they need to be fed often which is one of the stated conditions I don't like. Any other suggestion?
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