Adjusting new ASM G3

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Feb 4, 2005
Can some ASM owners help me out here. How high should I be raising the output nozzle? Where should the foam end in the skimmer? Right now it doesn't even reach the black line at the bottom of the collection cup. SHould I be adjusting the height so that the foam is at least in the middle of the collection cup? It's been running for 1 week and I'm really not sure how to adjust this. I have to raise this thing pretty high to get the foam to rise. Nothing in the cup yet, obviously.


- Steve
I asked this same question when I got my ASM......

First, it will take a while to "break in", but they say to start off you should raise the tube almost as high as it will go.....untill you start getting some skimmate (it will be very light in color and watery) And then, over time, you can lower it until the skimmate is to your liking (most people like the thicker, darker stuff).

Personally, I like it medium. My water quality is pretty good, so I don't get a ton of skimmate. If I lower it too much, I get nothing.

Thanks (maybe I should have done a search for your question first) - so when you raised yours really high, did you get a LOT of bubbles from the falling water out of the return tube? That's what was happening to me so I figured I was doing something wrong. The waterfall sound from the return tube was really loud. I guess you just kind of deal with it until it is broken in?

Thanks again.
If you get too much skimmate, just lower it a slight bit.......too much watery skimmate is not good, either....

Mine is silent no matter where the tube can always adjust the foam sleeve up or down (the purpose of the sleeve is only to quiet the water coming down the tube)
Hahaha - I'm a tool. Raise the foam sleeve. BRILLIANT! Silent again. Thanks. I guess I was afraid to mess with anything on this thing.
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