Adorable little mousey.

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Sep 3, 2003
Florida, USA
Mouse, Thats his name. Yes, I am a genius with names. :p


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awww very cute! He looks like the one from the movie "Green Mile." I think his name was Mr. Jingles. You should get him a friend or two. :)
I plan to, Just wondering if 2 or 3 is to many for the 10gal tank he's in.

Say, if I posted a pic of his bum end...could someone sex it for me? His bits look about a half an inch appart...but I don't know if that means he's a he, or if he's a she.

there is a picture on how to sex mice. 3 mice in a 10 gallon tank won't be too cramped. You can always add a high rise on the tank so they have more room. Do yu have a wheel for them? Make sure it isn't one with bars because they can get their tail or legs caught in it and can get very hurt.
Its hard for me to tell, because they don't give any distance or anything to judge against.
How hard are the nipples to see?

Cause, My mouse dosnt look like it has any...but its hard to tell since he won't let me flip him over or look at his belly for long :)
I think the nipples can only be seen before the fur grows in, at least that is true for gerbils.
Finally got a better pic of them.

The white one is hyperactive as all hell, and is very daring and out going.

The second my hand goes in the tank she jumps on it and climbs up my arm.

The black one is very timid and shy, She's JUST STARTING to come to my hand when I stick it in the tank.

And, for some reason, even after I wash my hands and have no smells on them, They love to nibble on my fingers.


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well if the two get along well and they are both older (which they look like they are) then at least one is female. from my experiences despite what the pet stores say mlaes will fight. btw, thay are both cute especially the white one with that little grey headband
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