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Nov 25, 2022
I’m looking to start a new planted tank, although I’ve never had a planted tank before. I’ve done some research and am ready to get started. I looked online for some inspiration and came across this photo on Pinterest. Can anyone help my identify what types of plants these are, or tell me the name of ones similar?
Big plant in the middle at the back, with holes in the leaves is a Madagascan lace plant.

The plant in front of that with long pointed leaves is Java Fern

The plant with wide light green leaves on the right of the Java Fern looks like another type of Aponogeton. The Madagascan lace plant is also an Aponogeton.

The small plant on front right (attached to the driftwood) is an Anubias species.

The plant on front left with light green big roundish leaves looks like a type of water lily.

I can't really tell what the others are due to being blurry.
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