Advice needed on 65 gallon freshwater tropical tank.

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Jan 13, 2014
Hello All,

I'm newbie to fish keeping.I have a 10 gallon freshwater tropical tank with some platies, swordtail and zebra danios. So far fish and plants seems to be happy.

Now, I am planning to setup a 65 gallon freshwater tropical tank with 6 platies (2 males/4 females), 1 male swordtail, 10 ping zebra danios, 6 Angelfish and 5 pearl gouramis ( 2 males/3 females). I am planning to set it up as a planted aquarium.

I need advice on:
1) Does this community combination looks compatible?
2) Do i have to take some extra care?
3) What kind of plants would be suitable for this combination?

Thanks and have a good day!!
Too many fish, for one. Angels and pearl gouramis get pretty big. Check out It's helpful for evaluation of the number of fish and compatibilities and you can play with the stocking until it's both pleasing and workable.

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