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Jan 11, 2004
Stanley, Virginia
I need to move my aquarium to my house, which is about a 2 1/2 hour drive. It's a small tank, 37g, and have a yellow tang, Coral beauty and two clown fish, and some mushroom coral, xenia(I think), ricordia, and some polyps. What is the best way to make this a smooth transition for the fish and coral. Do u recommend me to save 3/4 of the water?Or start fresh with the water after set up?
I would recommend that you get a couple of salt buckets from your LFS. Fill them with tank water, then put the fish in one and the rock/sand in another. If you need two for the rock/sand, then so be it. Then I would put the rest of the water in jugs and move it. When you get to your house, I would put all the water from the jugs back in the tank. Then put the rock/sand and the water it was sitting in back in the tank. I would then acclimate the fish to the tank with plastic bags or something. You don't need to worry about acclimating them to the salinity or anything like that, just the temperature. If you want, you can change 10% of the water. I wouldn't do any more than a normal water change, though.
i moved my 55 gallon about 2 weeks ago. its a pain but it can be done. try to keep as much of the water for your tank as possible. all new water will be a slight shock to the animals.
Definitely reuse as much water as possible and dont clean, rinse, or replace your substrate or filter media. If you harm the bacteria in it you could cause the tank to cycle.
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