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Jan 22, 2004
British Columbia
First...What is this coral and does it require any special care/feeding?

Second... Is that white edge a cause for great concern? The white may have grown over the past few days, but the coral has only been in the tank a few days and this may just be an aftereffect of the transfer from the shop.
The coral appears to have some tissue nercrosis on the left. Is it like that always or are the polyps normally extended. If its like this all the time and it appears to be spreading cut off the bad part. Be sure to take a little of the good along so your sure to cut all of the bad out.

It is a soft coral in the leather familly with the common name of toadstool because of its apperance. This coral is very easy to care for and will require only medium light levels and moderate water flow. I define moderate water flow as enough flow to make the polyps gently sway back and forth in the current. Be sure to place the coral in a position wher it can fully extend and is not in risk of being in contact with other agressive corals. Overall this coral is fairly unagressive.
I have a toadstool coral under PC lighting, moderate flow. No special care or target feeding required, I do however use DT Plankton every other day.
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