Aggressive Bristlenose

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Jul 4, 2020
I have an aggressive Bristlenose pleco (Bobara Barker, hoped it was a he). She is kind of a terror in my 55 gallon, fully planted tank. It took me years to realize that she is my problem child, apologies to my apistogramma (Joe Dirt).

She is scared of me so I watched from farther away and she chased my other fish all over the tank while ignoring any of the multiple pieces of black fly larvae wafers (not her favorite), never have I seen a pleco move so fast.

Anyway, point of the story is any fish can be a problem child. Also, second point she's still spoiled so love your fish.
Yes it’s amazing how fast they can move. Most people just see them as a slow moving cumbersome fish. I’ve only ever seen mine chase the barbs a couple times when they pick at him and they can both move pretty good!

Luckily my red tail shark is content with the bristlenose in his territory but if it came down to it I’d wager a bet that the bristlenose can swim just as fast scared as the rts can mad!
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