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Jan 5, 2007
Canton, MI
ok Im glad to say i have almost all the equipment i need for my 150 gal reef tank. (so excited!)

i think all i need now is water movement (waves) and lighting.

Im sorta partial to ebay, ive always had good luck with them, and thus I turn to ebay again, this time for lighting. This item i linked above seems like a pretty good deal. 1030 watts of electricity-bill destroying GLORY. puts me at 6.8 watts per gallon. Thats good enough right?

Anyone have a good suggestion for something otherwise? or does that seem like a pretty good item. Id have em add in the moonlights for $30 or 40 or whatever it was too.

So yeah theres the lighting...

Also I could use some suggestions on water movement. I know theres Tunze... but thats about where my knowledge ends lol. What should I be considering, and are wave controllers the way to go? or just get moving powerheads?

thanks :)

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