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Jul 31, 2006
Orangevale CA
i got a kit from ah supply, which worked out perfectly, but the hood is very hot 96W, and i was thinking of putting a fan in the hood, the ballest is a fulhum workhorse 5, and i was wondering if anyone knew the voltages of the wires, if any are 12v i could get a small computer fan, and just tap in, as the small fans draw almost no amperage..
I am not positive - but I am 99% sure that the ballasts put out a high voltage AC which will definately not work for what you want.

I went to the local thrift store and found 12V power supply - kind of like one of these:



You would then want to chop off the connector and splice in the fan(s). This is not the most "elegant" way but is the best way (that I know) to power the 12V fans.
yeah you do NOT wanna hook up a fan to the ballast. easier and safer to go with hashbaz's recommendation.

plus you can put it on a separate timer, since it won't need to kick on until an hour or so after lights on, and you'll want it to stay on an hour or so after lights off.
What's sad is that it's a good deal cheaper to buy one of those adapters and a DC fan than it is to buy an AC fan.

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