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Apr 28, 2004
Vine Grove, Ky
Just gotta vent for a sec....just got 20lbs more of LR from a guy on here (thanks Jeff!! Still lovin' all these shrooms :lol: ) I knew when I got it there was some Aips on prob....doesn't bother me. Had the rock in a few days so I decided to go on a killing spree. I kalked 23 that night...thought that was all of them then did a water change. Next day I walked over to the tank to just sit and stare (I do this often...too often) and Lo and behold...MORE. Ok, I think...I just missed a few or they retracted when I did the others. Bam....killed 9 more. Yesterday....there I was staring at more of the little *&(&^%. Granted, I only see 4 now but it's just disheartning to see them again....I try to keep out of the tank as much as possible. Sorry guys and gals...just had to blow off some steam about it. I'm sure it's happened to alot of people.

Just for clarification...I'm NOT flaming Jeffw85...He made me a great deal on the rock (all were covered in shrooms 50+ and also gave me a small Colt for $5) and he's a super nice guy AND I knew about the Aips when I got the rock. Just venting my frustration of dealing with the little buggers. Once again...Thanks Jeff....I love you man....and you can even have my Bud Light. :lol:
The first addition to my newer tank was some peppermint shrimp. They eat aips when they are still small. I would get a few of them, and see what happens
I did the peppermint also in my new tank. I haven't seen any aips yet after 7 months. I'd definitely agree with Darb2. doesn't look like you have any fish that'll bother them. My Scotts wrasse was about 4" when I added my peppermints. He had a buffet dinner with the small ones, but the remaining 5 are doing just fine.
well if you have read any of my posts you know i have the same problem my 3 peppermint dont seem to do anything with the aiptasia
don't feed the tank for a while (I feed every other day) and see if the peps get hungry. Not at the cost of other tankmates, but they can go a few days w/o food
Unfortunately I can't at the moment. I've recently gotten a Yellow Tang and he's being a picky eater and getting kinda thin. He'll eat a brine shrimp and I got him to nibble on a piece of Nori but that's it. Still trying other things at the moment. I've got to find the food that he really likes first.
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