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Aug 5, 2003
Montreal Quebec Canada
After looking at a picture from Reefrunner69 i saw a small little bunch of aiptasia growing on a rock. i think it's the same.

no camera now can't post picture.
I have a peppermint shrimp - shouldn't this do it ?
The syringe should it have a needle at the end, and what fluid is the KILLER?
please HELP.
aldo :mrgreen:
I heard you can inject them with super srong saline, ever tried this, I like mine it is inside a real be snail shell that has holes, We call him the creature, his legs sneak out the hole. What damage do they do.
Never tried Joe's Juice.

I've tried injecting high concentrations of kalk and of saline. Kalk seemed to work the best.
With joes juice you don't actually inject them, you squirt the stuff into their tenicles and they eat it.
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