air in the lines... help please

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Jun 13, 2008
Dallas, TX
Hi All -

I need some help from you wise gurus (or wise guys
) please.

On my 55g freshwater tank I have set up an Eheim 1250 pump feeding a chiller. The water is drawn from the tank via a homebrew intake tube, runs down through the pump, chiller, and then back to a spraybar into the tank.

The problem I'm having is air bubbles in the line. I think the problem is in the u-tube coming over the tank on the input side. I have read that I can drill a hole in the top of U and silicone a one-way air check valve to let the trapped air out. Does that work? Alternatively, I also read that some have hooked airline tubing from the top of the "u" to the venturi input on a powerhead. Would that work better?

Thanks much!
so far so good


I got the power head and connected it via the venturi opening to the top of the U-joint. And I've found the problem is gone. The air is removed and no more air bubbles. :grin:

The only issue now is the power head is relatively noisy on the glass. Its a Top Fin for 30G. I may have to hunt for a quieter-running one...
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