algae for my urchin

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Jul 6, 2012
Orlando Florida
I have developed some green algae on my rocks. It comes right off if brushed. It's only in a few places but my black urchin seems to enjoy eating it. He can't get into every crack and crevice though. Should I scrub it all off the rocks before it gets over run in my tank or let my urchin do his thing and see if he can keep it some what under control?


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Is it hairy or slimy? It looks more like cyano to me, especially if it just brushes off.
It is a good thing it is being eaten, as be it algae or cyano, it still indicates nutrients in the water column.
not hairy or slimy. Kind of powdery. Just brushes right off. As I'm sure that my posts have been read by many, I can't believe that high nutrients are a problem. I do 25% water changes weekly and feed every other day. My bio load is very light. This tank has been running for 8 months and I'm starting to believe by reading tons of posts on this site that this is just normal cycles that you go through when starting a new tank.
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