Sick Pleco?

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Ereny White

Aquarium Advice Newbie
Apr 8, 2023
Hello everyone!

For about a week now, my bristlenose pleco is idle and not eating. From what I have observed, he sits on top of his rock all day and hasn't touched his food. He's definitely still breathing and I know that he can swim with no problem because when I go to clean the tank, he darts over to one of his other hiding places to get out of the way. He has no signs of fin decay or ick.

I am feeding him API bottom feeder sinking pellets, but I occasionally drop a frozen repashy soilent green cube or algae wafer in his tank.

I was feeding him API tropical mini pellets up until a few weeks ago when I ran out so I switched over to the bottom feeder pellets. Around that time I had also installed two new live plants into the tank as well.

None of my other fish seem affected by the plants, but I can't help but wonder if the plants are hurting my pleco somehow (I did buy the plants at petco after all :\ ). Or maybe he doesn't like the new pellets? I'm not quite sure what to do and I'm worried about him.

I'd appreciate any thoughts, advice, or criticisms! Any help is welcome. Thanks <3

Tank stats:
- 20 gallon freshwater tank
- plastic decor (rock structures and plants)
- gravel substrate
- cluster of anarchis
- a small cluster of anubais
- 4 red glo-light tetras (1 year and 8 months old)
- 1 bristlenose pleco (1 year and 7 months old)
- approx. two snails that hitchhiked on the anubais

my tank is growing green algae on the glass and brown algae on the decorations (I'd appreciate any tips to help regulate/remove this)

(also I have no clue if the snails are going to be a problem or not)
Do you have any driftwood in the tank? Most plecos need to rasp on the wood to help with their digestion.
I do not, but I've been looking for places to buy some. Any recommendations of what kind I should buy?
Unfortunately, Jim Jum the bristlenose pleco has passed away. I no longer need help with the situation. Thanks for the help :')
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