Algae help please

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Be patient. Took awhile to fully get rid of, but it'll disappear. How old is ur tank?
Just may be a bloom. U get ur trates down, it'll go away. Could u send a pic of it?
Rscomia said:
Yeah give me a minute whats the best way to get my nitrates down?

Calerpa and water changes. 15 gallon each week is what I did. I know I'm spelling that wrong, but it's a wiry, Brillo looking plant. Loves trates. Can get it on most fish sites, like reefcleaners.
Alright finally got it hard to see it very good cause my lights went off


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Yep GHA. Rock takes the longest to get rid of. U can scrape off with tooth brush. I just let nature take it's course and it all went away. Like I said, u can see my before and after pics on my profile.
Rscomia said:
How long did it take to run its course?

About a month... I was p!ssed... But took my time, asked like you are, and now it's gone, like overnight. If it's turning reddish brown, it's on it's way out.
Rscomia said:
Cool one up side to it is I upgraded my skimmer and I got my own ro/di unit trying to cure it

I don't have a skimmer, but that RO system saves u time and energy, promise you that.
One thing that helps a lot is phosban reactor. Took care of my problem single handedly
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