Algae Ruled Reef Tank

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Here are the last three pics and a Full Tank Shot from a week or so ago.



This is the rock where the leather was growing...

And the FTS

The red bubble algae(the original cluster taken at the same time as the previous pic)
That doesn't look bad at all. Lawnmower blennie.

I like to pick a spot like a return and let the algae grow, that will reduce it in the other areas. Keep pulling it out. You'll get there.
Will a tribal blenny eat it? I was going to get a tribal blenny, because it has more color than the lawnmower blenny.
Not as bad as I've seen. He's right get a lawnmower, he'll eat right through that stuff. It may take a week or two but he'll get it. I would suggest doing a few more frequent larger water changes for the immediate future and try to export those nutrients out. Just what I'd do. :-D
What will eat the red bubble algae? I have some of this and its annoying.
I don't know if anything does. Don't try emarald crabs, I know for a fact that they won't touch the red buble.

Now, I did some more research and found I have byropsis in my tank. And found that there isn't a whole lot that kills the stuff. Seems like only fire and Kent Mg will do the trick. Also found that scrubbing will take away a lot of the bio diversity that I have on the rock which is a shame as the rock is over 1.5 years old.
I,ve seen worse, When I decided to breed my pair of clowns a trick to help them start is to overfeed them and let algae grow,my HA was all over my LR and about an inch to 2" in length.Since they started laying I started the cleanup,
I used a 3/4" hose to remove 30% of tank water,whilst doing this I used the hose to remove as much HA as poss by sucking the HA into the hose then using my finger to block off the hose and pull the HA off the LR and down the hose, I did this over a 3 week period and cleared most of it and now the water quality,feeding and lighting schedule is doing the rest. Patience is the key as stated before.
Those zoas look awesome! I have green ones and orange ones on the same rock, but i have like 20 total polyps :/ plus half of them I cant really see.

Im getting a lawnmower blenny (maybe) I think one would be good for your tank.
omg i have byropsis it was in my tank but i did alot of water changes and mostly hand removal but i let it grow in my overflow is that a bad idea?
if u can acclimate a molly they eat byropsis and much more kinds of algea. in just a few days someone 55 gallon covered in byropsis the molly eat 70% of it
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