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Apr 12, 2014
Fort Collins, CO
Hey all, I just used ChemiClean a couple days ago and now I'm at the end of the treatment. There's still a TINY bit of cyano left and I didnt know if I should treat again to be sure, or if the treatment that I put in before will still take care of that little bit. What do you guys think?
What have you done to lessen the nutrients in the water column that are feeding the cyano? Chemiclean is only a bandaid and without removing what feeds it and increasing flow will it go away.
I would not treat again with the chemiclean and do a large water change to cut your nitrates/phosphates down. The size would be determined by how high the nitrates are...if they are 40, do a 50% water change to remove 20, as an example. Follow that up with cutting back on feeding and see how things go from there.
Already took care of the root causes (Uneaten food, low water movement, 20 year old fluorescent bulbs), this was just to kill off all the cyano.
Is still do a large water change and increase flow to that area where the cyano is. Move a power head or point it another direction maybe.

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