all my fishes died!!!!!!!

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Sep 23, 2011
Hello I have a 55 gal reef with 3 damsels, one scopas tang. 1 clownfish, 2 peppermint shrimps, and 1 fireshrimp. Recently all the fishes died except the shrimps. I checked the levels and everything is fine, the salinity is perfect as well for a reef tank. The only thing I did was siphon the reef not too long ago. I don't know what happened any ideas?
Yes I siphoned the sandbed. Yes the phosphates came back really good too
The only thing that I can think of is that I was not using a canopy so I don't know if my water was just contaminated by sand and dirt :(
The only other thing I would check is that you aren't leaking voltage from any electrical devices into the tank.
How can I do that? Sorry I'm still an apprentice lol
Probably caused an ammonia spike by stirring the sandbed to much.
Interesting... When I had a mystery wipe-out recently, I was told that phosphates out of whack would be a potential cause. Thank you for the feedback, always learning!
I did cycle the tank. It probably was the ammonia who know but I don't want to buy any more fishes until I get the canopy just to make sure its not that
Hinds04 said:
Probably caused an ammonia spike by stirring the sandbed to much.

Should I try to avoid siphoning tru the sandbed? How should remove unneaten food?
Yes. Don't siphon your sand-bed. That's a big no!! Doing that will cause all of the nitrates sitting it it to release into your water therefor killing its inhabitants...
the only difference is saltwater fish are a little mor sensitive then freshwater. from what i've read freashwater fish can live with nitrates of 80ppm while saltwater can only cope with abotu 40ppm
Nu-Nu the eel said:
Ohh interesting, so i shouldnt siphen?

Siphoning an FW tanks substrate I'd fine, I do mine weekly. Bug it's too be avoided in an SW tank as far as I know. Shouldn't really be needed in an SW tank with the eight CuC etc.
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