Dying fish

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Apr 29, 2024
Hi guys I recently bought some fish food of amazon and a live plant since that 4 days ago I have lost 4 fish 2 angelfish a gourami cichlid and a panda Cory I have taken the plant out and bought the same food they used to have and took a water sample to my local pet shop but all is fine and no-one seems to think it would be the change of food or the plant has anyone had anything like this before or any suggestions what it could be
What are the actual water parameters? Never just accept "all is fine". You have no idea if they are knowledable enough to understand what are good or bad water parameters. Always get the numbers and write them down. Preferably you want to take a sample of water before you do a water change.

Please take a read through the "unhealthy fish" sticky and give as much detail as you are able. "Dying Fish" doesn't really give any indications what it might be. Did you see any other symptoms?

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