Alligator in the weeds..

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Are all these in Gainsville? I can't wait tell i get my new camera. What kind of camera are you using.
One of my tanks after canoeing and gathering sources of inspiration :)

No, i am in the western parts of FL. You are more northern. I am in Lehigh, close to Fort Myres and Cape Coral.

Cool, i am currently getting my 75g ready for my fire eels i will be getting but i might set up a couple of other tank or another big tank and i want to make it planted. So if you are still here when i do that i will defiantly see if you can hook me up or buy from you maybe.
I have many tanks :) All fresh water planted tank..

One of the tanks I last experimented with a DIY substrate. This tank used a substrate called "Mineralized Soil"
It was just a tank packed with all kinds of stems to see what would fair well in hard water and this new substrate..More of a grow out farm tank, nothing great..

Hey! I'm the one who came to your shop for the KH solution after finding out you were local.

Are you in a canoe getting these shots? The first gator pick looks like it was at paynes prarie (or however you spell it). The rest look like from one of the springs nearby because of the clear water.

I would love to go on a trip some time with you. I would need to rent something if that is how you go and I have a pretty OK camera myself (not SLR but it does good).
Yes, Im in the canoe taking photos:)

Some of the spring shots are from privately owned springs and some are from Ocala which turns out to be a 1 hour drive.

Im almost sure you have some critters swimming around lakes,rivers and creeks that are just as sketchy :)
Great photos and tanks. Life must be exciting down there, all I have to worry about are polar bears, and they're going extinct.
Great photos and tanks. Life must be exciting down there, all I have to worry about are polar bears, and they're going extinct.

Haha, when i read that it made me giggle.:rolleyes:

You actualy don't have to worry about gators/water moccasins/rattle snakes/mosquitos/fire ants/sharks/panthers/snapping turtles/And now Pythons. lol.

Actually everyone up north thinks it is so dangerous down here in Florida because of the alligators and stuff but it is not bad at all. As long as you watch were you are stepping when your out in the woods you will be good with the snakes. As for alligators just be careful around the water edge and you shouldn't even worry about the sharks when in the water. As for the panthers in all my life being in Florida and being in the woods i have never seen a panther (there pretty much extinct). IMO the most dangerous and annoying thing i listed is the mosquitoes and the fire ants. I don't worry about the water moccasins because they are one of the most aggressive snake (if you tick them off bad they will chase you for a little bit if you run) and last time i was in the everglades 1 swam in between my legs and didn't bother me but you still need to be careful but it is not bad at all. Happy to be here.:hat:

Changed it, lol.
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