Aloha! Long time pond owner first time tank owner

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Oct 29, 2013
Aloha! My name is Kiks and about 5 months ago I got my first tank. I had pond fish for about 10 years before finding we didn't have time for the pond keeping as I was starting to go to university and my mom was jumping from job to job.

So my tank has been a nightmare so far and I feel horrible. My fiance is treating me like I have been irresponsible with the fish but I have not.

I started with 3 gold fish, and with in the first couple days one dies. Fair enough it was the first week of my tank and it happens. So I went back to the pet shop and got another fish, yeah they said it was a catfish, it was in the cat fish tank and it LOOKED like a catfish. Oh what a fool I was. He quickly grew and changed colour. He became territorial and killed one of my fish. Yeah, he is a chinese algae eater. FML! So now I am down to two fish and had to move my gold fish to a separate space to keep him safe after a really nasty scuffle it looks like. I thought fish were supposed to be relaxing!

When I am not dealing with my fish I am a pro artist who does comics and children's books. I also work in tech support for TVs to help make rent. I hope to learn more about the world of tank fish and hopefully have a healthy tank.


not the best photo but this was my tank before I got the plants in and before Finneas changed colours and killed off Darlin'.
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