Anemone for clownfish?

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Bubble tips are usually the main ones O. Clowns host but even then it is a tops up if they will actually host it. My pair host my Duncan and torch over my rose bubble tip

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I have a pair of clowns yes they love nems but they also enjoy a nice rock to host ,in other words they'll host anything
They will settle of the lighting and flow in the tank is strong and suitable enough for it. Even then any stressor can cause it to move, my bta went for a walk after years after the flow changed in the tank after a power outage.

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No worries. I'm just not sure that I want to risk a nem stinging/eating inhabitants. Maybe we'll just get a nice Duncan or Torch to see if we can get them to host using the method in the video above. Maybe we'll plan a nem/clownfish tank in a future build. :)
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