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Jun 25, 2012
Love this guys red strips!!


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Thank you I'm hoping they still have him when I go back tomorrow!! I loved his red
bettaowner said:
Beautiful angel fish.

Thank you. I've never seen red strips like that in an angel but I wanna get my weekly water change done befor I get him so it's not to much stress on him/her right away!
I like the gold, koi, and blue angelfish. A group of those fish in my 55 would be the cherry on top.
Omg I love the blue ones but I can't find one!! I love angels they add even more beauty to the tank. My hubby was gunna get me that one last night. But like I said to him water changes are tmw and I didn't want to stress him more than he would already be adjusting to his new home I'd reather some one else get him than take chance of stressing him out and possibly lose him.
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