Angelfish wigglers/eggs pics

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Sorry, I haven't taken any pics yet, lol. I thought about earlier then forgot all about it. Will try again when I get home tomorrow.

One is a platinum but both are from the same line.
Okay zparticle, as promised. My apologies for the dirty tank =]

These fry are between a week and 2 weeks old.





Wow, :eek: those are so cool looking! So glad you got shots of them! Hard to believe something like that ends up being a beautiful angel! Fish are so cool.(y)
Funny how all cichlids pretty much look like this n then all end up looking like their own species
thanks! I'll try to remember to take pics and keep this updated, it was pretty hard getting clear photos of the fry, the camera I'm using doesn't have a dedicated macro lens.
I am sure it is hard without a macro, but you have gotten some awesome shots so far.:) I am very impressed.
I'm still pretty novice at using this camera, but it's a good one, just doesn't have a dedicated macro lens (I think its a 18mm-120mm or something in that area), and it looks like I have to fork out some serious cash to get one. I tried a set of generic extension rings but they won't work because there's an electrical connection between the camera and the lens.
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