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Jul 25, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
Hey there,
I'm new to tropical tanks.
But I used to have goldfish when I was a teen, but looking back now, I kept them all wrong! I used to change all their water and scrub the tank squeaky clean ~ so, so wrong. We also had pond fish which pretty much looked after themselves.

Now I have rekindled my interest in fish keeping (and thought it would be great for my little girl to learn about the lifecycle) and decided on guppies, cos they're pretty and supposed to be hardy and easy to keep.

Ha. Well, long story short, after my tank finally cycled properly, and the loss of 6 guppies in the process (I am not proud of that), I'm still having some issues. However I must recommend pygmy corydoras, cos I bought four of the little cuties at the same time as my original 6 guppies, and they survived it all. Even a huge ammonia spike, they're still with me.

I have a 35litre/9 gallon Heto aquarium which came with an internal pump and filter material.

I have the API test kit (even though my LFS dude says I should've got the Sera one) plus Sera GH and KH testers.

I'll detail my issues in a more appropriate section. But looking forward to picking everyone's brain!



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