Any advice on how to get rid of baby mollies? ^^;

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Well, all I can tell you is the cleaner and fresher you keep your water the faster they will grow! If your tanks are crowded as it is I would do daily large water changes. This will make them grow bigger faster, IME.
Well, I'm now getting attatched to them, I was training them to hand signals besides me signaling it's time to eat by opening and closing my hand. Now some of them are smart and know all of them and the rest are just plain stupid lol they follow maybe one or two or go whatever way they think they'll get food for. But they're so loveable... I just don't want to deal with them when they're sexually mature ^^; that'll be hecktic topic but those pandas are so awesome krap, they are one cool animal


just be patient and keep looking around, i'm sure there is a place somewhere that will take them in no time :D
Fish like this (livebeaers) will breed and multiply to the point where you have so many of them, they poison the tank with their waste. I understand you love the little fish now, but you need to be careful and make sure that love does not turn into an overstocked tank full of sick fish. Getting rid of the fry can be extremely hard, because there is not shortage of Mollies around :)

Even if you do not agree with it, sometimes getting some small fish eaten will be much better in the long run than having sick fish from overpopulation. Once you get rid of this 40, chances are you will have another 40 right behind it.

One thing to prevent overpopulation is to make sure the fry have no place to hide. That way, when they get born, they get eaten pretty quick.
Oh don't worry about it, the ones that do make it to the rocks want to try their hand at swimming and then they get eaten by my danios, bettas, or some other fish in my tank. I'm not overly attatched, I just find it cute lol. Out of the whole brood, I had 2 males and like 30 females. When they were a month old I put them in the big tank anyways, and some of them did get picked off then. But now if any of my females give birth I just let nature take it's course, I'm not going to sit around and try to catch them all.

My friend Jen took 2 from me, 2 girls so I got less of a problem there so far. Soon I'm gonna try to have a stand or something to sell them off or make a poster XP

I know they're breeding machines, my males are getting frisky by themselves and trying to breed one another 8O Infact this morning, one of my 2 month olds I stuck in there nipped my dominant male, Slider, and he got mad at my other adult male, Dez, and hit him for it. I found it kind of amusing ^^;and i'm suprised at how big the 2 months are compared to my 4 month but I have pregnant females still and I'm just worried that 1's like 3 months pregnant o.o.. but I'm not going to worry about it, the babies can get picked off and if they survive that tank they will be commended with life lol

I just want them to go to good homes and if it comes down to it, I'll donate them as food to Isabelle the sidenecked turtle at school.
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