Any other fish ?

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Jun 6, 2013
I have a 46 gallon and I was wondering if I can add more fish(s)

So the stock is :

1 electric yellow cichlid

1 Kenyi cichlid

1 red zebra

I don't want any more cichlids unless they are a different species but I want something else .

I have a lot of time to think about what I want
Because they have ick right now :/ and I'm treating it so when it is treated I'll wait 1-3 weeks before I get more fish if I can and I will quarantine them too .
I have a 46 gallon and I have 8 cichlids in there. I have 3 yellow labs, 2 cobalt blues, and 3 kenyi. I tried keeping only a few in there and the aggression was so high I had to add more fish to spread it out. Most people tell me you can keep up to 12 mbuna in that size tank. It's natural they live in large concentrations of their own species. I stopped at 8 keeping in mind the tank is still undersized
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