Anybody wanna see my new stuff??

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May 16, 2002
Cedar Key, FL
I went to the LFS today and got a couple new items, I got the tank raised true perc I've been hunting (must not have been looking too hard, they had this particular one for three weeks), TR are great, this one started eating straight out of the bag 8)

Here she is....



Please forgive the pic quality, they wouldn't sit still for the cam and I had to use the flash, to get them this much in focus.

I also got a very small watchman goby, I got it hoping that adding two fish at one time would slow the aggression of the red lipped blenny, at the very least it disperses the aggression between two fish rather than just one.


And last, but not least, I talked the owner into breaking off a small piece of hydnaphora for me (free of charge 8O ), it's about a 2" frag.

Beautiful clown! Love the thick dark lines! Love the goby too, we almost bought one through liveaquaria last night but decided to wait.
I think i acidentally reported this trying to quote reefrunner, sorry, forget I did that it was a mistake.

Anyway, I don't know what your talking about for the poor pic quality, it looks awesome.
Anyway, I don't know what your talking about for the poor pic quality, it looks awesome.

I think this is more what I wanted, although the lown is still a little blurry.





The End.....
I think I hate you.....I will let you know tomorrow.

Seriously, the pics are great, we are all jealous,ok,
I am jealous
Doh...dude, can i come over and stare at your tank for hours on end? From your pics it looks like you have a beautiful landscape. I'm gonna look around to see if you have some shots of the whole thing. :)

Man, I want a reef. And a camera that takes pictures like that. I love how the first pic on your last post has the perc all nice and crisp and the rest is slightly blurry. I can never get my pics to come out like that.

I'm with Hara. I'm jealous.

I have to join the bandwagon with Hara and J.

I hate you and I want your tank :)

jk, about the hate part at least.
Beautiful tank, and very beautiful Clown. What is her name?

Or am I the only one who names fish?
What is her name?

Or am I the only one who names fish?

Actually, quite a number of people name their fish, I name them also, my last clown was named b***h. The kids have picked a couple of names for her, but I approve of none of them. I like to let the fish name themselves. For instance, my redlipped blenny is booger. When my sixline was in the was "you little F****r" (it liked to eat xenia polyps. This one will probably have a name by the end of the week.
I can't believe you're complaining about those pics!! Those are of much better quality than I can get in my tank.

Great pics! keep em coming..
Oh I definately want a goby like that now!! Tooooooo cooool!!! Beautiful pics as always Kevin!! :D
Great Pics, cant wait 'till I get established wherever I end up moving to so I can start setting my new tank up. Am I weird for being able to sit and study a tank for hours thats got nothing in it yet but LR and sand?
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