Anyone else from Alaska?

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Jan 1, 2004
Anchorage, AK
I swear sometimes it feels like I am the only one up here! But there are too many fish stores for me to be the only serious person!
Can anyone hear me? 8O
To buy a python from a catalog it cost me over $50 shipping! Some companies won't even ship "to other countries" end quote! 8O
And I swear if one more person from the lower 48 tells me what good english I speak.... :evil:
My hubby worked for an airline and was always asked what the exchange rate wat! grr :roll:
I need someone to vent with about how much more expensive and difficult things are because of where we are located!
Please? 8O :lol:
Well, one option would be to move to the lower 48 :twisted:
then again Alaska has some of the prettiest landscape anywhere.

I tell ya, when it gets cold and cloudy for 4 months here i get so depressed (I think due to lack of sun) The older i get the less i can stand it. My hats off to you for being able to live there, and not wanting to comit suicide.
I can only imagine what you're going through :( If it's any consolation, as Tim say's, you have the best scenery anywhere. You are not alone. Although we may be miles away...just jump in here from time to time and rant.

Just one other thought...I see in your sig that you have "a lot of snails waiting to be squished". If you check my sig, you will notice that I have snails as part of my overall aqua-inhabititants. Where and how did you acquire them?

PS - You could ask your LFS if you can display the AA poster and have other hobbyists join. The poster can be found here:
My snails were hitchikers on some live plants... they never grow more than 1 cm big. But they move really fast (for snails)! 8O
I have lived in north San Fransico CA and around Boise ID, vacation regularly to Seattle WA and have honeymooned around Banf Canada. The Northern Rockies are the only thing to get me to leave my state.

Anchorage is really great in most ways! We have a multi-million dollar performing arts theater and a major sports arena! Most big touring bands and theater groups will do at least 1 show here. We have most major national restaurants here, our own local 4 star restaurants that you can wear jeans to and not be looked at funny. We have a decent yearly state fair, and mid-winter we have a week-long fair we call Fur Rondy that can trace its roots back to before we were a state. Less than an hour drive and we have world class skiing, 3 state parks, whale watching and killer trails for 4 wheeling, horseback riding and my favorite... snowmachining! We have just about any thing a big city has, but can get away from it and back to nature with just a short drive.
Can you tell I love it here? :lol:
But it gets lonely on THIS board... :cry:
I was just hoping there would be a local person to share with.
How do we manage to keep fish alive in our Igloo's?

Hi Deitta,

How do we keep our fish tanks from freezing in our igloo's?

I just joined and found your post, so I thought I say Hi.
I'm in Fairbanks!
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