Anyone Know How to Source a Replacement Canister for the Rena/Filstar XP3 Filter?

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Jul 28, 2017
Does anyone know how to source a canister for the Rena/Filstar XP3 canister filter? This is the translucent canister that the baskets sit in.

One of the little 'hinges' (molded plastic at the top of the canister) that the lid clips insert into broke off. I glued a tiny chip back on and it's holding for the moment but it's a time bomb.

Thanks for any leads or ideas.
BTW thinking of the future, if you're familiar with the Rena/Filstar XP3 filter off the top of your head what would you suggest as a possible replacement filter system that's currently in production? Build quality, reliability, and ease of operation and maintenance are the most important parameters.

It's for a single 6" Red Ear Slider turtle in a 37 gallon tank.

Thanks again for the replacement info!
I like fluval cannister filters for the very reason you are finding. If something breaks or needs servicing i can easily find spare parts.

Even discontinued products lines you can still find parts fairly easily. Their website still carries parts for the 05 series which they stopped making around 2010. And a lot of their parts are interchangable between their product lines.

Im no turtle expert and couldnt recommend suitable filtration, but a 407 has similar capacity to your filter, so i would expect that to be a reasonable equivalent. Just swap the filter media from your old filter to new, squeeze out your old sponges into the water after setting up a new filter and you should preserve your cycle.

Ive had no problems with their build quality or reliabilty. When ive broken something its been my fault and its been a drive to my LFS to pick up the replacement part and a simple fix. I regularly service my filters. As with every filter there are issues, but nothing i cant live with.

Eheim are well regarded also. Allpond solutions/ Sunsun/ Polar Aurora (they are all the same filter, branded differently in different locations) have a good reputation for their pricing. Look for something with about 9 litres capacity same as yours.
Great! I'll do this repair now so things stable and when I have the time to deal with swapping the filtration, I'll check out your recommendations.

Thanks again for all your great input.
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