Anyone tried the new Penguin filters?

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I haven't used the Penguins, but do use the Emperors. And the 200B's have been out for a short while now, at least 6 months, maybe a little longer. They have had them at the Petco here for several months. But I do know that they are a great filter if you are wanting a HOB.
The B series has been out for some time now (at least 6months). I got a 100B to replace my 170 on my 20 Long at least that long ago, and am happy with it. They are pretty much the same as the old models, but they have some new features to make the splashing a bit less. The part where the water goes into the tank now has a ledge, and there is a cover over the bio-wheel to further reduce noise a bit. I loved the old style, and the new ones are just as good.
Well, since this thread was replied too again...I've had the 200 for about 6 months and the 350 for about 4 months. I like them, they seem to work really well.
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