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Feb 17, 2024
I'm trying to decide between HOB filters or internal double sponge filters for my 10 and 20 gallon freshwater community tanks. They're both new, uncycled tanks. I will have some type of floating live plant in both tanks.Pros and cons for each filter for any of you who have used both. I also need two SUPER QUIET air pump recommendations. Thanks.:fish2:
The pros of a HOB is water flow. The Cons are they can be noisy if the water falls too far back into the tank. The pros for doing this is that it will oxygenate the water better than if the water level is up too high.
The Pros of the sponge filter besides the obvious less moving parts and larger base for the biological filter is they also offer a constant food source for any fry as well as a hiding place for the fish in the tank. They still need to be cleaned ( rinsed off) and squeezed every month +/- to make sure they don't get overfull so the water does not flow through them correctly. This will cause an anaerobic condition within the sponge which will kill off your biological filter bed. The cons of internal sponge filters is the bubbles. If you don't want to hear bubbles, don't use a sponge filter. LOL

As for air pump suggestions, I'll have to let others more familiar with what's out there today answer you. Mine are all large pumps so they are a bit noisy but I just tune it out so I don't really hear them.
There are boxes that can be made to suppress the sound some but if you are not handy, they won't help you.

Hope this helps. (y)
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