Aptaisia or anemone

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May 9, 2012
Found this guy on my live rock he doesn't exactly look like an aptaisia he looks like an anemone I've seen before but I'm not sure, any input would be great :)


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Ps he's huge and is kind of yellow I've had aptasias before and they didn't really look like this
Im not a salt water person, but i read that aptaisa can range from clear/whitish, to purple brownish. hope that helps
Had a feeling it's so massive it comes out of the rock and has a feel around and I can't even get a file fish to it cause it's in with a frog fish haha would he eat it do you think? It's unbelievably huge!!! :O
Is there any sure way to no if it's a curly q or an aptasia. ? What's a majano pest anemone ?
Here's a few more pics if it helps it is really big


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It's aiptasia. Google curly q anemone and look at the images. The tentacles do not look like what you have.
IMO, it's definitely not a Curlyque. Looks like a large Aptasia. Any Curlyque I've ever seen, had much shorter, curlier tentacles.
A Mojano is similar to Aptasia, but more greenish/tan in color. I think yours is an Aptasia.
I would try to inject it with boiling water, or lemon juice, or a mixture of both. Smearing it with Kalkwasser paste works as well. I've only had small ones, which Peppermint shrimp took care of, but have read that any of these methods will work. It may require more than one injection, so just keep an eye on it. If you still see it, do it again.
I can't put peppermint shrimp in cause the frog fish will eat them can I inject it with the frogging in there? Or will the mixture upset him ?

That is an awesome page for saltwater hitchhikers. Someone else shared it in another post. I've read hot lemon juice works the best and does not mess with the balance of the tank. I would start with that. Have also read the best way to confirm aiptasia it to poke it with something. If it completely retracts into a whole its aiptasia.
Then it's definitely an aptasia it fought back though I poked it with a tweezers and it wrapped itself around it and it wouldn't let go its a monster haha
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