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Feb 25, 2008
Moscow, ID
I installed a new AquaC Remora a week ago today when I did a water change. All week it has been generating nothing but white wet foam. I found some information about how the specific gravity can affect the foam generation, so I checked it yesterday and sure enough, it was low (1.018). I added salt to bring it up to 1.024, but still today it's generating nothing but wet white foam that fills the cup within 1-2hrs. I've had the cup set at it's absolute highest setting all week.

Technical info:
45 gallon FO tank
Two 4-5" triggers
One 4" clown
Tank has been established for 4+ years
AquaC Remora w/Maxi-Jet 1200 pump

Do I have a bad skimmer or is there something I need to do to get the thing generating dryer foam?
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Usually there is an adjustment place on the skimmer. They also have a break in time. Moved to General Hardware and equipment discussion.
There's no adjustment you're missing on the Aqua C Remora skimmers. If you have the cup as high as it will go, that's all you can do. There is a break in period with those skimmers, but I'd expect it to calm down within the next week. I'd give it another week and see it it doesn't settle down. They maybe give the folks at AquaC a call and see if they have any ideas if it's still going crazy.

I'm *hoping* that was a typo and that your water really wasn't 1.01.
Thanks. It was 1.018 but the editor automatically turned it into a smiley.
Not that it has anything to do with your question, but if I'm reading your post right you added salt to the tank to bring the SG 1.018 up to 1.024? A couple comments if I read that right...

A big sudden salinity swing like that is not going to make your critters very happy. A gradual change is salinity would've been better, maybe a point or two at the most per day. Especially in the "up" direction.

Also, adding salt directly to a tank is not normally a good thing. Newly mixed salt water takes a while to stability pH/salinity and mixing it up external to your tank is the best thing you can do. Then give it 24 hours or so to settle down.

The sudden change in salinity, along with the possible big shift in pH from mixing the salt in the tank, could lead to some illnesses in your critters from the shock/stress. Just keep an eye on them in the next week or so.
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