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Jul 12, 2009
Chicago, IL
I was curious what people thought of some of my ideas for aquarium backgrounds.
I was motivated to make some backgrounds for aquariums based on an interest in aquascaping. I perfer natural backgrounds and colours that enhance the natural beauty in a tank. So I took some of my own images from various wanderings, holidays, and interests and created a few backgrounds which I intend to print and try out. I may make the prints available for sale at some point.

The following are based on stone, water or colour gradients.
The first is labradorite stone.


  • LabradoriteMadagascar alt1.jpg
    LabradoriteMadagascar alt1.jpg
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  • LabradoriteMadagascar alt2.jpg
    LabradoriteMadagascar alt2.jpg
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  • LabradoriteMadagascar alt3.jpg
    LabradoriteMadagascar alt3.jpg
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The second is based on water images to compliment fresh or marine scaping.


  • rays of light alt dark1.jpg
    rays of light alt dark1.jpg
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  • rays of light alt dark2.jpg
    rays of light alt dark2.jpg
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  • Underwater_world alt1.jpg
    Underwater_world alt1.jpg
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  • Underwater_world alt2.jpg
    Underwater_world alt2.jpg
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The third were inspire by photographer and artist Amano Takashi, best known for his beautiful aquascaping. I love the white and gradient backgrounds used in his work as well as others. I tried to create something similar in these.


  • black-to-white gradient alt1.jpg
    black-to-white gradient alt1.jpg
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  • white horiz alt 2.jpg
    white horiz alt 2.jpg
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  • blue black gradient alt2.jpg
    blue black gradient alt2.jpg
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  • blue black gradient alt1.jpg
    blue black gradient alt1.jpg
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I like this one the best

Reminds me of the movie Deep Blue Sea lol
I would be happy to send high resolution images to anyone wanting to use them. I can adjust the image size to the dimensions of your tank and check if the resolution will work for your size tank. Just send me a PM.

This way, you can get them printed and laminated yourself at a local printer :D and not worry about shipping.

Some images will work better than others for larger tanks.
Thanks for taking a look. I would be happy to reset dimensions and send you an image file. Just send me a pm with the dimensions or you tank and which image you like best. I will do my best :D
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