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Mar 12, 2012
Millfield, Ohio
I have a 75 gal FOWLR tank. At this points its only a Live Rock tank. Does every tank need a cleanup crew like snails and shrimp or can I go without? Thanks in advance
If you do not want snails and hermits theres no reason you need to get some. Proper water changes and feeding are key to not having algae issues and using ro/di water as well.
Thanks Carey, I will be using tap water with a conditioner and hope all works out. If i develope an algae issue will I be able to add cleaners later or is this something that needs done from the start?
nope, you can add cuc anytime you like. :)

I would urge you to consider ro/di water though. It can make a HUGE difference.
Carey, can you explain to me how the RO/DI water system works? Do I still use tap water but it cleans it the right way or what?
Yes that is correct. It will take your tap water and by the processes of Reverse Osmosis and De-Ionization make it about as close to pure as you can get.
Yep, I have my garden hose hooked up to my ro/di unit. There is the input and two lines leave the unit, one pure and one waste water that has all the gunk and nasties in it that were removed from the tap water. :)

real easy to set up and use, I highly recommend one. They can be cheap or expensive, as long as they remove the baddies from the water.
Carey, I think I have the Same one as you have. How often do you change the socks? And how do you change them?
Carey, what type of ro/di unit do you have? We get our tap water from Lake Michigan and I am told that this is high quality water and could get away without having an ro/di unit. I don't know of anybody in our area that even has an ro/di unit hooked up to their water inlet. But I have a lot invested in my set-up. Would love your opinion. My water quality has been really good so far.
I started with this unit

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I just bought this one last month

75 GPD RO/DI 5 Stage *PLUS* System - English

The ebay one was really cheap and allowed me to get my feet wet so to speak with ro units. It worked well, produced perfect water the whole time I had it. The only downside is you have to order the replacement filters from the same company, P U R E W A T E R C L U B . The filters lasted me over 6 months and I have a lot of tanks so I make alot of water. LOL

The BRS unit goes for $180 during group buys and is a much larger sturdier unit. It also produces perfect water but can use other industry standard size filters which is a plus.

The ro/di unit will remove chemicals, sediment, phosphates and other stuff. have you tested your tank for phospahtes? Thats the number one thing that will go thru the roof with tap water. Of course, if you don't plan on corals then the phosphates don't really matter much. LOL

Hope that all helped a bit. :)
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