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Aug 19, 2023
so i was about to sleep and kept hearing splashing from the tank and i see it was one of my yoyo loaches. i have 6 of them and they all chillin but the one was sort of going to top of tank quick and bashing itself once or twice... and i see it breathing very rapidly. not sure what to do about that, my water parameters are mostly all normal only thing is my nitrates for about 2 months has been really high due accidental silly reasons but ive been slowly getting it down with water changes and my fish havn't seemed at all bugged by alot of nitrates. i did a small water change just in case tonight but not sure if there is anything else i need to check, it could just be nothing too much maybe he had a bad dream hehe cause he did stop , got me panickin tho just before bed

i dont want one of the yoyo loach crew dyin on me, thanks for any tips or anything.
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Theres not a lot to go on really. Maybe going through the "unhealthy fish" sticky might bring something to light you hadnt considered. It could be nothing, could be old age, a neurological issue, picked up a disease. If it was a toxin it would effect other fish as well.

There is a good thread on first aid to carry out while you are trying to get a diagnosis and work out any treatment.

And @Andy Sager put a thread together that has a link to a free download to a book that has a good flow chart to diagnose fish illness if you wanted to have a go at that.

ahh thanks it wasnt really anything he is fine the next morning just got me scared a bit
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