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Jul 25, 2022

I managed to acquire a 2nd hand 65 liter aquarium. Thinking of possiblity of using it as a fry tank.

As before I am using this stand

It comfortably supports my 80 liter aquarium (20 gallon) and the only change I made was to replace the wooden shelves with 90cmx40cm board of 15mm thickness.

I went to purchase wooden shelf for my 65 liter aquarium but they were out of stock of the board I previously used. I got the nearest replacement wood but it was only 10mm thick. Would this be strong enough to support the 65 liter aquarium ?

An alternative is to use the spare cuts from my old shelf (of 15mm thickness) but have them span the width of the stand so that one supports the front & back of the LEFT side (including corners) of the aquarium, whilst the other supports the front & back of the RIGHT side (including corners) of the aquarium.

Which of these options do you think I should use ?
It probably doesn't matter but to be safe, I'd use the 15mm wood as long as you had enough to cover at least 2 inches of each side of the tank. I will often just use a 2" x 2" piece of wood along the rails of a tank rack and set the tank on these . This is for tanks of 20 gallons or less.
With smaller tanks you can get away with style support but definitely not with larger aquariums. They will need a support in the middle as well. (y)
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