Metal stand for 55 gallon tank

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Aug 14, 2011
I bought a double 55 gallon tank stand from a friend and noticed that the side and center supports are SLIGHTLY lower than the front and back supports. Maybe 1/16 of an inch (see attached pics). He had a 55 on both the top and bottom for several years with no issues what so ever. I have a terrible problem with Murphy’s law. So, what are the chances of my rank failing because of this? Is there anything I should do to prevent any issues? I have been through 3 stands now and about $400 and I do not want to have to buy another.


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Probably sloppy workmanship. If you put a 2 inch thick piece of polystyrene foam on the stand, beneath the tank, it should help to remove any imperfections in the stand. Most of the weight will be put on the 2 long pieces (front and back) and less weight will be on the left and right sides.

The piece in the middle is more to hold the front and back pieces together and help keep it square.

I can't see all the seems that are welded but if it held 2 tanks before, it should be ok now.

How big is the tank you plan on putting on the stand (length x width x height, and thickness of glass)?

How thick is the metal on the stand?

Is there any rust on it?
I’d have to measure everything when I get home from work. I know both tanks are 4 foot. Too will be a standard 55 gallon and the lower a 33 gallon long. Would polystyrene be sufficient or should I get a piece of plywood to go between the tank and stand?
Hi as long as the 4 corners are on solid surface and nothing is sticking up higher you will be ok your mate probably had that in mind when he made it cheers Paul
He actually bought it as a kit. It assembles in like 2 minutes. It’s sturdy though. His 55’s sat on it for 2 years. I just get paranoid. That’s a LOT of water. And it’s going to be on a second floor loft.
Would I need a 2in thick piece of polystyrene? Or would a 1in piece work? I have to buy the 2in in 4x8 sheets and they are $50. My funds are getting awfully low.
Good lol. I have put so much money into this in the last couple weeks. My wife has been tolerant so far, another $50 and I would have been on the couch for a while! ��
Would something like this work because I already have it on hand.

Edit: I just realized these aren’t wide enough for a 55. Also confused because I asked this on Reddit as well and I’m being told polystyrene is a bad idea because it will break. They are saying to try to build up the sloped area with tape or something to make it level. This is all confusing. I think I might have a 55 gallon going on Craigslist today and sending some of my guppies to the LFS.
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